Chelsie Kreitzman – “Morning After the Ice Storm”

Every bough is full 

of glittering diamonds 

begging to be plucked,

gathered in a basket 

like summer berries 

so ripe and round.

But the sun is rising.

By afternoon, 

fat, dazzling droplets 

dissolve, drip 

down branches, muddy 

barren earth, leave 

only the black bones 

of naked winter

on the trees’ fingers.

This is the way of things:

gorgeous, then


Chelsie Kreitman lives and writes in Lexington, Kentucky. Along with all things literary, she loves animals, nature, and spending time with her family. Her poems have appeared in publications including The Purpled Nail, Capsule Stories, The Last Stanza Poetry Journal, and Confetti.

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