Editor’s Note Spring 2023

As usual, Pegasus takes the wind out of your old editor once again. The last time I wrote an Editor’s Note, I was exhausted and elated and dang it, here I am again at these familiar rivers once again.

And yet, it is as if for the first time. Because I feel like Pegasus just keeps getting better and better. In my work as editor, I always strive to find the very best possible work to share with our readers and members. I maintain a commitment to this role and idea, working hard to be mindful of a wide variety of perspectives, forms, styles, and subjects. I also remain considerate of the voices we promote. This is a difficult task to be sure, but it is not without its humble joys.

For example, this Spring 2023 Issue has wonderful work from the fledgling young poets who won our 2022 Student Contest. Elaine Palencia reviews recent books by KSPS members Tom Hunley, Nancy Jentsch, and Jessica Thompson. Our interview this time is with Bernard Clay, author of English Lit. As usual, Pegasus features the work of poets from a variety of ages and experiences, the civil and the feral alike, from the Purchase to the Plateau.


Jon Thrower  


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